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Springbank Private Label

Springbank Private Label,  Some days are better than others….and today was a rockin’ fine example . Here’s a very special bottle that was purchased as an entire barrel many moons ago and man o man was it worth the wait.  This is a rich and mellow malt with lovely vanilla notes leading to an oaky spice in the background.  My friend Adrienne who provided this example reports that robbing a bank might be the only way to acquire your own stash, as the last bottle sold at auction for a cool grand. Compare this rare scotch with the distinctive tones of a vintage Rickenbacker and you’ll get the picture.  I wonder if Mr. Thomas Petty enjoys the occasional dram……..this liquid music rates a 9+ ,or a Grammy.

Springbank Private Label

The Macallan 12

The Macallan 12- Here’s one very mature 12 year old, way past the usual pre-teen shenanigans! This Highland smoothy is one whisky that you can enjoy with meals as well as during the evening; it’s creamy enough and perfectly flavored for accompanying a juicy steak with your mate.  The rich golden color is the result of perfectly roasted all Scottish barley aged in sherry casks for a full dozen years. This lingering finish lasts longer than War and Peace did on your nightstand. I found fruity notes with vanilla in the background, probably should have another glass in case I missed anything.  I rate this classic a solid 8

The Macallan 12

The BenRiach 12

The BenRiach 12- A new discovery for the Snob makes its debut.  Here is a Speyside beauty that commands the stage with an understated opening act, it’s light on the nose and extremely pale in the glass. You’d find a richer golden color on the cheeks of a Scandinavian librarian in the dead of winter.  The distillery had been mothballed for some time and when it reopened in 2004, it began using on site floor malting, which gives it some bragging rights for using old school methods.  This smooth performer has lovely notes of vanilla and spice with some lingering pear or apple overtones, a virtual symphony of subtle flavors. I suggest you sample “ Big Ben “ in a heavy glass to avoid consuming it with too much speed, it’s that glassy smooth.  The finish is lightly peated and faster than an Olympic sprinter on steroids, I prefer a more lingering taste.  I debated this rating until the second performance but settled on a score of 7, not an award winner but worthy of a ticket.


TheBenRiach 12

Edradour 10


Edradour 10- A wee nip indeed!  This diminutive single malt arrived via my daughter Cait , who bought it as a gift while spending a semester at the University of Edinborough.  The small vessel is representative of her student budget, and that made it all the more special.  This whisky presents a mellow, almost gentle nose, with a subtle hint of sweetness. There is nothing truly remarkable about this scotch but a golden dose of honey flavor and for me, a nostalgic taste that I will recommend to my followers.  Also notable, is that this Highland distillery is the smallest in all of Scotland and that alone makes it desirable. Now…. where is it written in stone that size matters ?  I rate it at 7+. 

Glenmorangie Original 10

Glenmorangie –Original 10 year old. This charming Highland whisky warms the spirit with a rich floral flavor.  Its oaky complexity and vanilla notes linger on the tongue and encourage the drinker to keep coming back for more.  The nose is quite delicate and the sweet toasted oakiness will easily put a smile on your face.  This singular malt should always have a spot on your shelf and won’t give your wallet an apoplectic fit . This 80 proof scotch rates a solid 8 and is recommended as the perfect “steady eddie “ scotch  .

Glenmorangie 10

Bruichladdich 16 Cuvee E Sauternes

This fine Islay whisky is aged in French oak barrels from the Bordeaux region. The resulting wine nuances make this an exceptional drink if you can find it. The Island home of this distillery produces bold flavors influenced by the salt air and peaty environment and each dram brings you to that very destination.  The rich honey color in your glass pays great flavor dividends and actually has wine notes in the background….go crazy and enjoy it in a stemmed glass you rebel!   Maybe even offer a splash of this unique malt to your “wine only” acquaintances. ( 92 Proof )  I rate this beauty at 9 +.

Bruichladdich 16 cuvee F Sauternes