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Tomatin 12

Tomatin 12- Imagine that you ( as CEO)  just finished the year end accounting with your CFO, and to celebrate you have chosen this fine beverage.  Pour a generous glass , rock back in the boardroom and realize that perhaps all the extra effort and brilliant decision making seem worthwhile.  This perk is a malty highland scotch that commands your attention and rewards the sophisticated drinker.  Not for the faint of heart , or beginners, its spicy power is rich and full but is best enjoyed neat. It would be criminal to dilute the robust flavors that the distillery nutured for 12 full years. Gordon Gecko taught us that greed is good, but sharing is better , so offer up the second glass to a good friend. Now get back to work .  I rate this valued trustee a solid 8.5

Glenlivet 12 Airline Mini

Glenlivet 12 Airline Mini- Here’s a first…. the snob manages a stellar review at 32,000 feet.  Enjoying a fine scotch is part tasting and part overall experience.  Who need a crystal glass when American Airlines offers up a charming embossed plastic cup.  Additionally, the warmth of the genuine Formica folding table (complete with propaganda literature in the clever seat back pocket) enhances our enjoyment.  This refined highland whisky has subtle floral notes with very light peating.  Somehow during the process, even the roar of the 757’s massive jet engines seemed to mellow out after a few sips. I found vanilla and spicy fruit flavors in this extremely smooth malt, and its golden color brightened up the cabin of my aluminum transporter.  I recommend this mile high treat to even my pilot friends…once you touch down.  My apologies for the inferior photo on this post, the iphone was bouncing around and my lighting isn’t up to the usual snob standards…I rated this well traveled scotch a solid 8.

Glenlivet 12 Airline