Exploring the world of Single Malt Scotches

Glen Grant


Glen Grant-  I find it fascinating that Ulysses S. was at West Point  when his relative Glen founded this fine distillery in the Speyside region ( a bit of pseudo history ) .  Even whisky rookies know the attributes from this slightly dysfunctional family , many of the famous regular single malts hail from the area surrounding the river Spey and for good reason.  This amber dram has grassy notes as though a meadow was introduced to the process along with the grain.  I found an initial harshness in the nose and sweet aromatic caramel in the first taste.  Linger a bit however and the alcohol seems to mellow out .  Given the summer season is upon us, ” GG ” might lend itself to a cube or two , or even a splash of soda.  I suggest sunset might be the ideal time of day for consumption, the golden color in your glass will enhance the visual experience.  Rated a 6.5 , drinkable but unremarkable and endorsed by the General posthumously .  Cheers to summer !GlenGrantLR

2 responses

  1. pebbles3@frontiernet.net

    Thanks Ken! This is going to be a must try for me. Hope all is well with you. Let the guys know I say hello. Cheers Dave

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    June 5, 2013 at 4:24 pm

  2. scott/NJ whiskey fan

    I like the fact that you are tasting scotches that may not be on everyone’s must try list. It provides me with some good options. I never heard of Glengrant but after a google search see that they are a popular brand in Europe. I look forward to finding a bottle. Keep up the good work.


    June 6, 2013 at 6:56 am

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