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Rock Oyster

I seldom review blended Scotches, hey, I’m the snob……In this case however, 4 worthy Island single malts make up the mix and that gets my attention.  Imagine the offshore contributions of Arran, Islay, Jura, and Orkney all in one very cool looking bottle! Let’s all be clear on one element, no grain whisky has cheaply polluted our subject, all quality malts. Now oysters in general are very polemic, love ‘em or find them terrifying. My view is the first so we now understand my attraction to the killer label design.  The malt has a medium body with a delicate pale gold hue that is really unique.  I found some sweet smoke in the nose and a mash-up of peaches and pepper mid taste. This is not a fancy whisky but it presents well and Douglas Laing is a master blender by any measure.  At 92 proof, it packs a punch but still demands being tasted neat.  I loved the briny maritime bite that accompanies this oyster…..a real splash of the sea.   The finish was a bit thin and brief but that is a minor quibble.  I’d keep shuckin’ until you find the pearl, and buy this whisky.   Rated a wavy seven on the rocky shoreline.