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Penderyn Welch Single Malt

Penderyn Welsh Single Malt – Wrong freekin’ island you say ?  Not so fast you snobbish consumer. While you’re not likely to find this unique bottle at the corner store, it is worth a special delivery.  The Prince of Wales might better have a case of this fine drink than whatever Camilla brings to the party…..The whisky itself is lightly peated and has an engagingly mellow nose that transitions into a minor flavor explosion.  There is a fruity sense and the sherry casks also make their presence known  in the finish.  I found that swirling the whisky in my mouth allowed the complexity to come forward like a royal parade on a spring day.  Don’t get you kilt in a knot over the origins of this very drinkable whisky, just go with the flow.  Snobbishly rated an 8.