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The Johnnie Walker Rainbow

The Johnnie Walker Rainbow.  The Snob was fortunate to be included in a select group of Malt Junkies at TK’s lounge recently.  Fortunately for the group, the selection of Johnnies did not include the “Dreaded Red” which seems to haunt most proletarian bars due to it’s price .  Our host began the festivities with the tuxedo Black poured neat and its malty overtones of sherry and toffee were quite nice actually. With the group being very environmentally sensitive, we moved on to the Green which was noticeably smoother and more luxurious in its nose, a real move up market. Batting third was the lovely Gold with its sunny sweetness and subtle peat, I found this to be my favorite in the lineup.  Finally our host ceremonially poured the storied Blue and much to my surprise, it seemed over refined …perhaps the blending was too complex and it muted the oaky flavors . The peat was barely perceptible and the finish was rather quick.  The cleanup batter managed to get on base but failed to live up to its reputation. I loved the concept of tasting the “siblings” in sequence and these whiskeys offer surprising character and drinkability.  In order I rate them 7, 7.5, 8.5, and 7.5. Invite the full lineup to your next gathering and enjoy the diversity .