Exploring the world of Single Malt Scotches

Royal Lochnagar

Royal Lochnagar-  Unless you are living under a rock, you must be thrilled about the Coronation this week.  Charles,  (The King), has asked me, (The Snob), to select  the perfect single malt for the occasion.  I agreed.  Our chosen whisky’s distillery is located on the ground of Balmoral Estates, near the Castle. The original, and much prized Royal Warrant was granted in1848 by Queen Victoria, gotta love the history right?  Our spirit offers a gentle nose with notes of malty cake and rich spices.  The deep amber color and lovely floral aroma almost invokes a tartan plaid. Our subject is easily worth it’s weight in crown jewels. My educated guess is that even the King’s Consort will down a dram or two just to steady her nerves…..This Highland beauty belongs on your bar as well so break out the crystal, and let’s get fancy.  If you own fur, get it on. Rated a posh 7 on the Windsor scale and 3 cheers for Charles.  

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