Exploring the world of Single Malt Scotches

Highland Park 18

Highland Park 18- Remember that Billy Joel tune “Uptown Girl” ?  This classic Orcadian Island Scotch is the embodiment of uppercrust snazzines. It arrives in a stylish flat bottle that makes it stand out from the crowd and hints of something special. The peaty nose suggests a powerful flavor and tasting immediately confirms it.  This malt’s slightly nutty and complex flavors seem to “ open” nicely with a few drops of water, swirl and savor for sure. There are toffee overtones in each dram that finally give way to a long smokey finish. Here is a very special scotch that would make a fine gift for a valued friend. Somewhat aristocratic …break out your best glassware for this uptown dandy.  Easily a 9+ rating and highly recommended. ( 86 proof )

Highland Park 18

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