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The Macallan 12

The Macallan 12- Here’s one very mature 12 year old, way past the usual pre-teen shenanigans! This Highland smoothy is one whisky that you can enjoy with meals as well as during the evening; it’s creamy enough and perfectly flavored for accompanying a juicy steak with your mate.  The rich golden color is the result of perfectly roasted all Scottish barley aged in sherry casks for a full dozen years. This lingering finish lasts longer than War and Peace did on your nightstand. I found fruity notes with vanilla in the background, probably should have another glass in case I missed anything.  I rate this classic a solid 8

The Macallan 12

Bruichladdich 16 Cuvee E Sauternes

This fine Islay whisky is aged in French oak barrels from the Bordeaux region. The resulting wine nuances make this an exceptional drink if you can find it. The Island home of this distillery produces bold flavors influenced by the salt air and peaty environment and each dram brings you to that very destination.  The rich honey color in your glass pays great flavor dividends and actually has wine notes in the background….go crazy and enjoy it in a stemmed glass you rebel!   Maybe even offer a splash of this unique malt to your “wine only” acquaintances. ( 92 Proof )  I rate this beauty at 9 +.

Bruichladdich 16 cuvee F Sauternes